CM lots or none???

Just a question as it's 8 years ago today that i had my son, and as i'm gate crashing from ttc, i'm just curious if you have had lots of cm when you found out you were pregnant.
I haven't really had much cm at all for about 7-8 weeks now, i get the odd tiny bit but that's it. tho when i was on the pill i used to gets quite alot.
Can you get pregnant with no cm???


  • I never had a lot of cm when I was ttc and its also 8 years since I had my daughter - since being pregnant it has increased and in the first few weeks I rushed off to the loo just to make sure it wasen't something else... it always worried me when I read about all the cm posts but I think everyone is different xx good luck Emma 11+2 xx
  • I was really dry at first, then noticed i was getting tons of watery CM from about 5 weeks or so. i'm 23 weeks now and i'm sure i notice an increase in CM around the time AF would have been due, but i could just be imagining that! Hope this helps xx
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