Cure for heartburn?

I'm currently 29 weeks and I've been suffering from heartburn this past week, anyone have a good rememdy. It's mostly during the afternoon and early evening.


  • a small glass of milk normally helps but if not my doc gave me some gaviscon on repeat incase i needed anymore!!!

  • Oh jess look through the pregnancy pages, I am sure a woman posted a good one the other day! cant remember exactly when though!
  • Rennie work well but my favourite heartburn cure is vanilla ice cream. It has to be the really good stuff with loads of milk/cream in it, but it works for me every time.
  • i am one of the lucky ones who gets heartburn from day 1 of conception! lol! nothing works for me except gaviscon advance the really thick stuff it makes me gag but does work! also i find that eating little and often and also muller corners help a little as does full fat milk. my heartburn eases off after the first trimester (i work backwards) so im just waiting! xxx
  • The cure is having the babyimage Gaviscon liquid works best for me, but the antiacid tablets are ok too. Some days I'm absolutley fine and other days baby seems to be in a position to push at my stomach. I got gaviscon on prescription from the doc's - fantastic!

    Weeza, 28+5
  • Rennie works for me! xxxx

  • thanks ladies, i think i will try the rennies...but the vanilla icecream one sounds spot on!!! -)
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