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I have a cousins wedding to attend at the end of next month and i will be 16/17 weeks when i attend. I am leaving getting my outfit until as late as possible as i have no idea what size i will be.

This is my first pregnancy so i currently don't have any maternity clothes and i am wondering where ican shop?? My usual first port of call for wedding outfits is Coast or Monsoon but i don't think they do maternity - can anyone advise?

Also, will i be safe to get a spray tan beforehand?

Thanks all... xxx


  • Hi I'm not sure about the spray tan, best to ask your midwife or even the salon, they might know. Have you tried next for maternity outfit? As this is your first baby, you might even find that you dont need maternity clothes for the wedding. Some people find they dont show until they're around 20 weeks plus. But next do some really nice dresses and things, newlook and dorothy perkins do also. Have a look at their websites and see if theres anything you like. If you dont mind spending quite a bit blooming marvellous, mamas and papas and isabella oliver do really pretty outfits.
  • hi, congrats on pregnancy. i have also had this problem was at wedding at 20wks preg and have another when i will be 30 wks!

    i got both my dresses from New look, but know Next and Debenhams do maternity wear.

    think a spray tan should be fine but check with who you get it done by as sometimes you can react to it and it wont take the same, blame the pregnancy hormones!

    Hope all goes well.

    becsxxxx 27+5wks
  • Fake tan's no problem. I think you're very sensible leaving it as late as possible to get something. I'm going to a wedding party on Friday and have a dress from Topshop - ??30! Personally I was glad not to spend a fortune on something I won't get much wear out of.

  • Speedshaw, have you tried JojoMamanBebe? They have some really nice special occasion stuff that isn't too expensive.
  • Bedhead, your avatar's brilliant - I am dreaming of being in a cool swimming pool right now! image
  • I went to a wedding at 6 months, I got a lovely dress from Coast, empire line, worked out well, I looked obviously pregnant which is what i wanted, so don't discount either monsoon or coast if that's the kind of thing you go for. I have another a week before baby is due, think I'll be going in a dust bin liner for that one!!! Just don't buy too early, make sure it's still within it's return date if you need to take it back due to a growth spurt!

    em x
  • Thanks so much for posting this topic! I'm going to be a BRIDESMAID at about 34 weeks and am at a complete loss at what to do! My friend, the bride, is being really cool, has chosen black as the colour so that it'll be easy for me and her other bridesmaid to find something we both like in the same colour. She is hinting that she would like to get it sorted sooner rather than later but its my first baby so I've no idea how big i'll be in september!!

    Wil lhave a look at the sites you've recommended. Thanks girls!! xxx
  • I have a wedding at the end of May when I'll be 20 weeks-this is my 3rd pregnancy and I'm very big!! I brought a lovely dress at the weekend from Red Herring in Debenhams.
    It was only ??35 and they had a few that were lovely and would probably last after the bump!!
  • I have a wedding next month when I'll be 34+5. gonna leave it till I'm at least 32 weeks. I don't want to spend too much cos I doubt I'll wear it again! I have seen a brown and cream one on next online. Which i thought I'd get some nice accessorise to go with it. I lasted 26 weeks before I had to wear maternity clothes. So you might be alright to get something with a bit of stretch in it.
  • hi all. i had a wedding 3 weeks ago, another in two weeks and another at the end of June. im 'showing' already and have been for a while. i ended up with a lovely dress from Wallis. Its black with a white band just under the boobs with a black rose. its really floaty which appealed as i know it doesnt matter how big i get it will last throughout the whole pregnancy. it was only ??40 which meant i could get shoes also, that are perfect for the dress.

    MrsSP - i reckon it would work well as a bridesmaid dress too and as it is not maternity wear, other bridesmaid could wear it too

    i did just find it on their website, try this link.

    they do have loads on there tho' that would be great for a growing bump, might be worth a look

  • Ah, thanks for all the replies ladies....

    Looks like i am best to wait as close as possible and hopefully i can get something from my usual stores, without breaking the bank and possibly being able to wear it again if i don't have too much of a bump.


  • Hi All, I am having the same problem (have a wedding at 32 weeks), but found a great website/shop called 'does my tum look big in this'. It is a maternity dress hire shop and I found a lovely dress to hire for 4 days for the wedding which is only costing ??28! The lady that runs it has a lovely collection of designer and high street dresses - I was so pleased when I found it as I didn't want to pay ??100 + for a dress that I would only wear once! (btw she also does bride and bridesmaid dresses).

    Love Jen x
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