I'm back from my scan....WITH PICS

Just got home,everything is fine with both babies,in fact they are both measuring a week ahead! But midwife said to stick with my 4/8 due date unless they are still measuring large at the next scan in 3 weeks,I'm 20+6 but both measure 21+6!

We did find out what they are......2 BOYS! I'm a bit disappointed as I would have liked another girl but as long as they are both ok. We can still only think of 1 boys name though so that could be a problem!

No piccies up yet,will scan them in at my mil's later and add them!

K and blue bumpx2!! xx

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  • ahh congratulations hun. Glad everything is fine and your 2 little boys are healthy!!
    look forward to seeing pics

    fiona & ella bump
    21+2 xx
  • I agree boys are lovely!
    I've grown attached to my little Angus and now, although I'd love a girl too, it will be REALLY weird now if Angus is a girl!!! LOL (even tho my gut instinct has always been that Angus is a girl!)
    My nephew is called Adam and he's a cutie. Very soft and love-able but a right little bruiser and stocky little fella too.
    He's very lazy tho!
    Congrats on your scan!!!!!!!!! xxx
  • 2 boys, are they identical? Congratulations anyway.

    17 Weeks today.

  • Aw twin boys will be so cute! Congratulations!

    32+3 x
  • No,they're non id rebecca. Still a bit worried about telling them apart though lol. We already have a (nearly) 3 yr old boy and he's very hard work! But even the sonographer said that one of the twins is very active (literally got 1 pic cos he wouldn't stay still!) and the other was quite quiet so I'm hoping that I'll get a nice quiet one after birth! xx
  • Congrats honey I am sooo pleased everything was ok and that your having two boysimage It's really cute as they will no doubt be the best of friends as well image

    K xx
  • If they are not identical you should be able to tell them aprt, I remember reading your post about your hypo active little boy, you have a girl too if I remember correctly, My you are going to have your hands full with 4. Best of luck and get thinking on those boys names.

    17 Weeks.

  • The first pic is the active twin,his foot and his face,the second is twin B who actually posed for a picture!!



  • Oh my god that foot picture is the cutest thing!!! Congratulations on the good news, xx
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