me and grace face the world

Well after much soul searching and debating babies daddy and myself have parted ways.

We are pretty sure it is for good, but we have agreed that we don't need to be together to be good parents to Grace so it is all good.

Going to be odd being on my own again but i am sure I will get used to it. Big girl now and all that.


  • Tough decision babe but the right one if its not working!

    Sometimes its better for everyone if you are good parents apart but not good together! I once got told the loneliest place in the world is a double bed when the 2 people in it dont even speak and I believe it!!!!

    Good for you to be able to sort it out in an amicable way especially whilst hormonal! Am sure it will all work out brill for you.

    Hope you are feeling well in yourself too - is lo being good now or is she still giving you trouble?

    Take care hon, Love Lee xxxxx
  • Me and Jake are talking fine, there was no massie row it was all very friendly and we even kissed when he left I just can't be in a relationship right now.
    Zoey, nothing to do with you know what lol.

    We get on fine, and we spoke and were still sleeping together, but there was a total lack of concern about stuff that it got too much for me and i had to have some time out.

    Lee, Grace is being pretty good actually.
    She has developed quite a routine of being awake and if she sticks t it when she is here I know I will be happy lol.
    she seems to have a thing about one of my friends though. As soon as she hears his voice she is awake and going mad. She proper kicks him, quite comical really.

    I know I will be OK, will just take some getting used to going to bed alone each night.

  • Hope your both ok. You dont need to be together to be good parents, in fact sometimes seperation is actually better for the child then a tense atmosphere and arguments. I'm glad you could work it out in a friendly way.
  • cheers, I have to confess Mike is being a bloody gem about it all, proper giving me space unless I ask him to come over, as is Jake so that is all good.

    On a brighter note, Graces pram arrived today
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