pregnancy books for twins?

Hi - I wanted to buy myself a good pregnancy book & have seen recommendations for Mirriam Stoppard & Anne Dean 'pregnancy bible' etc. I just wondered if there were any good ones covering twins specifically? Any recommendations welcome!


  • Hiya

    My husband bought the Anne Dean 'pregnancy bible' for me when we first found out i was pregnant and i have found it really useful but it doesnt mention that much about twins

  • try looking on amazon or ebay
  • Hi Mrs G

    I already had your pregnancy week by week by the Royal College of Midwives but it only had 1 page for twins! After I found out I was expecting twins I purchased Twins by Katrina Bowman and Louise Ryan. I did find it difficult to find a twin book and its also frustrating as I cant find one thats written in England. They are mostly American. The one I got was Australian, which out of all of them I thought was the closest to us. It disccusses everything and is quite daunting at times!!! xxxx
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