I have had my 26 week check with midwife and good news is my blood pressure is ok and apart from not being able to walk all seems well.........EXCEPT...........

My measurement should be 26 cms however I am measuring 30!!! image

Anyone else like this???


  • hi, i woz like that wiv my 3rd and he weighed 9lb 12 oz (ouch!!) but on the other hand my 4th woz 3 week ahead and weighed 8lb 7oz . mayb u will get a growth scan and that might put ur mind at ease!!
    luv clare

  • hey !! i had my 26 week check up yesterday... i measured 26cms .... but honestly i wouldnt worry at all , im sure they would of sent u to see a consultant if they were worried... also i think everyones bumps grow at different rates, when u got back again now u might have slowed down... as i was measured 3 weeks ago and i was 25cms then but before that i had growth spurt out of nowhere !!

    i dont think its the length i think its the head size we need to worry about he he x x
  • hmmm do you think my husband being 6ft 8 might have something to do with it??? :lol:
  • hey ive been the same hun, at 26wks was measuring 30 and at 28 was measuring 34cm so a whopping 6 weeks ahead, im due to see midwife again on tues and if im still big then ill be sent for a growth scan. they dont normally do much early on as theres a chance that it may even out, you might find when u go to your next apt that you havnt grown which is normal xxx
  • Yes!!!!

    At 28 weeks, my baby's legs were measuring 34 weeks... Dread to think what next growth scan (on Wednesday) will show...

    C xx

    ps- Both my hubby and I are 6 ft... I have 35 inch legs - think missy is taking after me!!
  • 6ft 8?!?! that might have something to do with it lmao!

    I shouldn't worry too much though. I measured 3-4 weeks UNDER through my whole pregnancy and had a 8lb 14oz baby so I don't think measurements of your tummy are a very accurate size-guesser for babies lol

  • mrs buttons, 35 inch legs?! wow! mine are 29inches lmao I'm so short lol!
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