Fab new Mothercare pram - not even on web yet!!!

Hey ladies,

Right, hubby and I have been having a right faf this week, trying to find a suitable pram that meets my (apparently!) extensive list of demands, but that will fit in the rather small boot of our fiesta!! Was getting thoroughly depressed after a trip to Babies R Us this morning, but then happened to pop into Mothercare to find the PERFECT pram and the answer to all our problems!!

Its a brand new, Mothercare-own pram/ pushchair/ travel system combo - so new, its not even on the web yet!! Its in their new Spring/Summer catalogue - which isn't out till mid Jan, but the nice lady gave us an advance copy!!! And they've only just had a model in the store!!

Its called my3, and the chassis is basically a copy of the Quinny Buzz, but folds down even smaller and the 2 back wheels (its a 3 wheeler) pop off really easily. The seat unit goes down completely flat into a carrycot, with a removable washable liner, and the seat unit fully reclines so baby can lie flat even when its a bit older. And the seat unit is forward and rearward facing, so you can talk to baby as you're walking along.Its got the 5 point harness, and a little zippy bag thing underneath instead of a shopping basket - much safer so no-one nicks your stuff!!! The handle height is adjustable, and suited me at 5'3" and hubby at 6'2". And it comes with a car seat that is one of the 'snuggliest' I have seen - really high sides and with lovely padded straps - that just clips onto the frame - even I could manage it! This one comes only in black, but they are also launching a brown version in Feb, which has 4 wheels - 2 big, pneumatic ones at the back (like the my3), but with 2 smaller ones at the front - the my3 has just one at the front that swivels or can be locked.

Sorry if this sounds like a total sales pitch, but was so excited to find it just had to let people know, as there could be many in the same boat as me with the boot problem!!!

Sarah x


  • how much is it i just started looking for prams and i wont one that has a carrycot and fold up small they are so big the other ones
  • Sorry, meant to put that!! Its ??400 for the lot!
  • It's on the website now and i agree it does look like a good one,you can't see what the car seat looks like though. I hope you and hubby are pleased with your purchase,we have already brought ours the Quinny Buzz which is very similar and i can't wait to use it! Bring on the BABY!
    Claire x
  • Bring on the baby indeed!! I did like the Buzz, it was just a tad too expensive, cos I would have had to have the carrycot and all the co-ordinating bits!!
    Wendylou - it weighs 13.5kg - now I have no concept of weight, but I know that I found it really easy to lift - especially the car seat, was the lightest one that I've ever picked up (only weighs 3.6kg apparently!)- yet still looked very substantial!! Thought that baby would be very safe!!
  • 13.5kg is pretty heavy for a pushchair, my light weight holiday pushchair is 5.5kg. It does look fab though, I just know from her other posts that the weight is a big issue for wendylou. I don't suppose they showed you any brand new double pushchairs that would solve all of my problems did they? :lol:
  • Well we took the plunge and went and bought the my3 today - and so have unpacked all at home, and still love it!! Am even more impressed with the carseat - really is very snuggly and safe!! All we need now is the baby to put in it - roll on the next 17 weeks!!!
  • glad you found your perfect pram! I was planning on getting the Buzz but have now fallen in love with the bugaboo bee. Me and the oh both liked it which was a good sign. Now we cant agree on the colour though...
  • hi mrs s new my3 sounds great, but was just wandering if anyone got back to you on the dimensions for the i2i maxx as im hoping to go for this one but like you need to know length for my boot!!:\)
  • Wow, just googled it and it looks fab!! Well done on your find!!!
    I went for the silver cross 3d in jet sport which i bought when i was just 10 weeks pregnant, silly i know. Kinda wish i held out now!!

    I ordered a new mothercare catalogue and mine has'nt come through yet. I'm desperate for it! I'm so sad!!!!!! xxx
  • Gemini15 on the measurement for i2i maxx its 110cm, dont know the weight sorry.

    Its lovely, I have to keep having a play with mine.

  • Ohhh I really like the sound of this mothercare pram! We have the same boot dillemma! Can't wait to get my new mothercare catalogue...hours of fun sat looking through it and makring pages to show OH when he gets home from work!!

  • Me and my OH had the icoo plasma on order, but after seeing the my3 we have changed our mind and ordered it today, it comes next week!!! i cant wait to try it out in 8 weeks time. BTW has anybody used the my3 yet with a buggy board??

  • Try this website most things have 40% off

  • Another great webiste is Kiddicare.com. I ordered the 2007 Quinny Buzz including Dreami carrycot yesterday for ??299, on special offer because the 2008 model has just come out. We tried it all out at Mothercare first then got it on-line for ??160 cheaper! Can't wait for it to arrive now.
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