Help! First pregnancy & Bleeding?

Hi, So I’m really confused! Iv had symptoms of being pregnant for 3 weeks but was waiting to do a test! My stomach is bloated, i feel sick and boobs are tender etc... but all of a sudden I have started to bleed a little it’s a pinkish/light red colour but turns brown on the pad it’s definitely not like my normal period at all! I am still feeling pregnant.. cramps are very mild and i am still feeling very sick and tired etc! Is it normal to bleed? I am so worried and can’t get ahold of my doctor? Not sure what to do? Do I wait or not? Any help and advise would be great. Thanks 


  • Some ladies do get bleeding in early pregnancy and have no issues. I assume you've missed a period and this bleeding isn't just that arriving?

    The only way you will know if you are pregnant is to do a test.

    It is also worth noting that the progesterone rise during ovulation can create similar symptoms to pregnancy.

    Good luck x

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