Very faint BFP on 3 tests...feeling weird!

Hey guys! Im beginning my move over to this board from the TTC board as I have done 3 tests today and all have shown a very faint BFP. Going to test again tom to be sure because of the faintness of the lines but thats another story for another board. Anyway the reson Im here is to ask for some advice. Since getting my first BFP Ive had a mixture of emotions. First it was excitement, then fear about whether this is the right thing. Bear in mind I have felt ready and been trying for months but now its happened I just cant seem to control my feelings. Im worrying about things I didnt worry about before and its been like a rollercoaster this morning. Did anyone else feel like this when they found out. I feel guilty being like this as its what Ive wanted for ages but I cant be 100% excited as there remains that bit of fear! Is this woring?


  • Hi I was similar to you. for the fisrt couple of days I was so excited image then i think it all sunk in and I started to worry i wasnt ready or i'd be a really crap mum etc . I think Its just all the emotions image
  • I'm 18+4 and have spent a large part of the day in tears cos I still feel that way! Yes, it's completely what I want but it is very scary. I think it is only natural because of all the change we know we are going to go through. I'm told it's all worth it in the end! xx
  • Ah Im glad its not just me! Im 26 and have been married for 3 years and have been waiting to feel completely ready. I am loving the idea of having a baby but still dont feel as though the time is right financially etc. To be honest though I dont think it ever will be. What matters is that I can give the baby a loving home and a happy upbringing and IM so excited to do that!
  • hi im not preg yet TTc no2 now. my son is 8 months old and i felt like this when was first preg with him although we had been trying for 15 months and were undergoing tests etc. so i felt stupid feeling that i was the wrong time and what would happen and if we would cope? hubby was just worried about the baby etc!! he couldnt settle until he was born health and safely. all i will say is once your baby is born dont expect roses and sunshine as its bloody hard work and very very tiring. but once the first few months of no sleep have passed and baby is finally sleeping through in own room then its easier. a baby only changes your life so much as you let him/her. we still have a good social life and time together after joseph asleep at night and we make time for one another. a child so enriches everything and is worth every minute of the crap parts!!! i would also say try and enjoy your pregnancies cos once baby born the hard work starts and you will miss your bump (never thought would say that either) i cant wait to do it all over again. congrats and enjoy everyminute you will never be fully prepared for a baby!!!!! xxx
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