How many of us has the line?

Hi mums and bumps was just wondering how many of us has the line down our bumps whats it called linea nigra i think. I have just started noticing mine and im 32 weeks, with my first i think i got it quite early like 24 or 25 weeks the second time i was about 36 weeks.
vikki xx


  • I only had this with my son, not with my 2 only about 11 weeks so am waiting to see if a line appears this time!!!!
  • Ive got it, it came about 30 weeks for me

  • I had one with my first but not got one so far with this one, plenty of time though I'm only 27+1.
  • I've got it too, can't really remember when it appeared tho! Does ne1 no y u get them?
  • I don't have the line, but my hubby thinks they're v. sexy (to each his own!) so i keep hoping i'll get one... doubt it though... i wonder if he'll feel the same about stretch marks.... image
  • I dont have it and didnt have one with my son either.

    joanna 32+3
  • I have one but its quite faint only really noticed it about six weeks ago.
    Lizzy86 i did a google and found thisimage

    ''It tends to appear around the second trimester. It is caused by pigmentation in the skin where your abdominal muscles stretch and slightly separate, to accommodate your baby as it grows.''

    haha i have to much spare time on my handsimage

    18 days to go
  • Thanks Helen at least nice to no y its there!
  • Yeah i think they disappear afterwards. I have really pale skin so think they can show up on ne type
  • Dont have it so far ... 27 weeks and a day ... my mom had it, my cousin had it ... dunno where mine is :P:P heeheh I was kinda looking forward to having it!
  • I have one all the way from under my boobs to right into my pubes! And my friend had her baby 4 weeks ago and still has hers so don't know when they are supposed to go.
  • Bio oil gets rid of them. Had it with my 1st baby, quite dark put bio oil on and it disappeared within 2 weeks. Only have it very faintly this time as I still use bio oil through the pregnancy.

  • I don't have one, I'm at 30 weeks now so will wait to see if it appears before the end!
  • hi i'm 23 weeks and have a faint line but i'm olive skinned and heard it's more likely to show on darker skins so it may get darker the bigger i get


  • no, never had one

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