i was just wondering...

is ''elsbeth'' one of those wind up people? if anyone could let me know that would be great xxx


  • No she isn't hun lol

    She just has strong opinions on things.

  • haha! ok - cheers caz image
    i'll keep my answer to myself i think - much easier! xx
  • It's probably best lol

  • No i am not one of those wind up people Gem. if I was I would start pointless threads about things and try and hijack all threads and make bitcharse comments about people.

    If this daft question is with regards to the induction thread then I was stating some true facts with regards to the baby having bowel movements, and this is a valid reason as to why they induce births coz it is dangerous to the baby.

    As someone who has had 2 kids, I kinda feel I am old hat at this pregnancy malarky, no not everything I say is going to sit well with everyone, but that is one of the joys of a forum. I am not one of those type of people who believe in telling people what they want to hear because I wouldn't like it myself. That can sometimes offend people, and if I do then I am sorry but that is me and how I am. Howeve, i am also a good person to talk to and have helped one member on here quite a lot offline.
    I judge nobody, and I don't expect to be judged in return. I simply express my opinion as I see it. If you don't like what I say then that is your opinion, but DO NOT get personal, clubbed fotted pads wife for example, low and uncalled for.
  • i am entitled to ask questions - however 'daft' they may appear to people. i simply thought that no one could be so rude and judgemental. i didnt want or ask people to tell me what i wanted to hear - as i didnt know what i wanted myself - i was just asking if it was an option. we all have our own opinions but there are such ways in voicing these without upsetting people unecessarily. after all i thought this forum was to offer support!
    as for the comment added earlier - that was my husband - i decided i wouldn't lower myself by answering you (as stated above) perhaps uncalled for - but seeings as your so clued up on army life you'll know the humour well!
  • not gonna argue, you know now that I am not a wind up person and why i said what I did. end of.
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