I have been given ??25 worth of Morrisons vouchers as a Christmas present from work so thought the best thing would be to stock up on baby essentials. So went last night and got baby wipes, cotton wool and lots of other stuff which included talcum powder. A colleague at work has said you are not allowed to use talc on babies any more. I hadnt heard this. Is she right?


  • god i hope thats not the case as i've been using it on my 2 yr old since she was born and was intending to use it the one in my tum!
  • Hi,
    I have heard this too, not 100% sure why though.
    Is it because its so fine and easily inhaled? Or maybe cuz it dries the skin out too much. I love nothing more than having a bath then coverin myself in talc and getting in my pj's so would love to use it on my LO xxx
  • Hi, think there are conflicting reports but I did read somewhere that using talcum powder can increase the risks of cancer. Really wouldn't panic though as I don't know if there is anything substantial to support this and if you look into it there is evidence to suggest pretty much everything can give you cancer for one reason or another! I think it is something to do with them inhaling the dust from the talc that can cause problems.

    Hope this helps!

    Liz xx
  • Thanks for your replies girls. Will check with MW nearer the time to see what she suggests.

    Will use it on myself if she says not to use it!!
  • it's news to me mind you there are loads of things being said about baby products and what you can and cant have like peanuts first you cant eat them then you can. i just don't know what to belive any more, will people just make up their mind. so what else cant you use any more? and whats next nappies will decide what your babys sexuality is.
  • I'd ignore it if I were you - our parents and grandparents always used talc! :roll: I'm sure it won't cause any probs. What with everything I've heard I dont know what we should use on babies anymore, apparently ur not supposed to use wipes, only cotton wool with water, how inconvienent would that be in a public loo!! x x x
  • hi my daughter is 3 and unless anything has changed since she was a baby, i was told not to use it on girls bums cause it could cause infection but was ok for boys, but i still used it and was just careful where it went.
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