feels like bruising?

Hi all, i have been suffering from achey and painful bumps and tum and thighs since about 20 weeks preg, the pains are really bad today i was in supermarket and i nearly fel to the floor witha really sharp pain right under my bump, it happened again twice but nothing since, now when i walk it feels like i have a feel bad bruise on my bone even when i touch it, do you ythink i have dmaged something?

chloe 35+5


  • Hi Chloe,
    I dont know what this could be but if I were you I would probably pop along to see my GP just to get it checked out.

    Becky x
  • hey i get something similar to this, each time i walk i get a bad ache down by my hip feels bit like a stitch, sometimes its in one side, then its in the other, and other times its in both.... its only wen i walk quickly (well i say quickly but i actually mean any faster than a 90yr old wud go) i assumed mine was pressure from baby, it goes away soon as i stop or sit, is urs same? 29wks today
  • The bruised feeling you're describing sounds (i think) like SPD. Does it hurt more when you open your legs or walk? My friend had this and was in a lot of pain, but i think the dr can prescribe painkillers for it, so if i were you i'd make an appointment to find out if thats what it is. It could just be normal stretching pains, but i've never felt anything like that! Hope this helps xxx
  • thank you i am gonna nip and see my mw in morning xx
  • i would also say it could be spd

  • sorry spd i think x
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