Think Angus might be back to back - worrying now!!!

Ok, I know you'll (especially SB!) tell me to step away from google but I can't help it!
I having been trying to find out more about how come my bump is B shaped / kidney bean shaped... apparantely another reason is that baby is lying back to back!!!

And then of course you read about that and it says labour is more painful - eeeeeek!!!

I am not worrying too much. I promise. Ok, well a bit. But I know there is enough time for Angus to turn so fingers crossed he does. I can't think if being awkward is more like Mummy or Daddy!!!!!

I'm 26 + 5 today. Does anyone have any experience of back to back babies and smaller bumps?

Also, could this explain why I am getting a fair amount of lower back aches???

Joo xxxxxxxx

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  • I would try not to worry, there is still more than enough time for Angus to move around if he is in a back to back position.
    As for the back pain, i'm getting it really bad and I know that my little one is laying back to front and head down so i'm not sure whether its the cause or not ?

    Step away from Google, the MW will let you know closer to the end if there are any problems with Angus's position ! Relax !

    MrsW 29+6
  • hey joo, try not to worry as its not that bad, Tegan was back to back and turned at the beginning of my labour, yes it made it a bit longer but it wasnt awful, so you really shouldnt be worrying as its not good for you (says me who is scared shitless over ny baby being breech haha) take care xxx
  • my son was back to back i gave birth to him that way to he was born looking up! it isnt that bad anyway, labour was no longer and my contractions were more painful in my back but thats all! still got plenty of time to move anyway x
  • Hi Joo,

    my bump is b shaped always has been. But my lo isn't back to back. according to the mw he is in perfect position!

    i did get a leaflet from my mw very early on in pregnancy giving hints and tips on getting baby in to correct position.

    It tells you to get on all fours, well on your knees and elbows, head down and stick your bum in the air!! Apparently it encourages the little one in the right place. I've been doing it since about wk 27

  • hi Joo

    dont worry, at my last midwife appointment my MW said that my little seed is back to back.

    This is apparently the reason why i feel so much movement - around 60 to 70 movements a day (minimum). Which i love because i know that everything is ok.

    She also said not to worry about the position at all as 35 weeks is the time that position starts to matter.

    Lou 26 weeks
  • Lou - as soon as I read it I wondered if this is why I feel so much movement! Although I haven't as much for the last day and a half - I definitely do feel Angus loads generally.

    Thank you everyone else - I know you are right and I am going to listen to you and stop fretting! If anything, I guess if Angus is back to back, then in a way I am pleased that it does explain my lack of bump.

    Think tonight calls for an episode of CSI and some time on all fours!!!!!
    Hubby will die of laughter! LOL

  • Careful your hubby doesn't get any ideas while your on all fours!!!

  • Hi Joo,

    My sis had this with her baby and she did turn eventually. You've got plently of time so try not to worry.

  • hiya just 2 let u now my dd was back 2 back wen went in 2 labour... she turned b4 she came out i dnt think it makes it any more painfull just bit more awarked comin... most babys turn b4 thy are born so i wudn't worrie labours gona b painfull eaitha way but it all worth it :P gd luck x
  • Just wanted to add that it's not just about having plenty of time - Angus has also got plenty of room for a fair few weeks yet. Lily didn't even get into position (head down, back against my tummy) until 28 weeks. (Then the little moo turned b-to-b two days before birth - but that's another story).
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