My blood pressure *UPDATE*

If you have been following my posts you will know that I have been having trouble with my blood pressure and have been given medication.

Well you will all be pleased to know that since taking the medication for a week my blood pressure is now just over AVERAGE!! YAY!! I don't normally like being average but for this I will cope lol! I went from being 158/90 last Tuesday to 178/108 on Friday and last night I was 148/78 and I feel no sodding different which is the exact reason why they call it the silent killer.

All I would say is if anyone experiences severe headaches, as we know headaches are all part and parcel of being pregnant but if they are bad and nothing seems to help them please get your blood pressure checked. I spent a whole day with such a bad headache that nothing shifted it and it was only when I mentioned this to the mw that she then told the gp and put me on medication for my blood pressure.

So fingers crossed my BP will stay at that level now and I won't have to up or change the medication.

Thanks for all your messages

17+1 (times flys!)
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