Quinny buzz and newborns


I'm overwhelmed by prams and pushchairs and travel systems!!

I really like the Quinny Buzz but I've been given mixed info about it. The lady in Mothercare showed me that it can lie flat and so is suitable for newborns but not for long periods of time. I have also read that it is not suitable for babies under 6months unless you get the carry cot option with it. I'm reluctant to spend so much money getting the whole system unless I really have to (I need the car seat too) so can anyone advise?




  • I love the Quinny Buzz too but it's sooooo expensive for everything you need, we just can't afford it. Haven't looked at many yet, it's just all I seem to see people with is the Quinny!! xxxxxx
  • Wow that's fantastic Cath! Thank you! I'll be showing my hubby tonight!!! xxxxx
  • I bought a quinny buzz for a dress agency where I live and got pushchair, carrycot, carseat and all accessories for only ??300, I was well chuffed. I use the push chair for my 16months old now and then Ive got the carry cot and car seat for baby. I was very lucky though, just keep your eye out for deals .Kerry xxxx
  • Have a look on ebay you will get it even cheaper. i would recomed getting the carry cot you use it for baby to sleep in down stairs in Cazmac
  • I bought the full system as well. There does seem to be a lot of hype about the car seat thing but I would say that they are very well padded and at the end of the day health and safety regulations wouldn't pass the idea if they were in any doubt about the childs health.

    I have had travel systems for both my kids before and with my first I didn't have a carry cot just a pushchair and a car seat that clipped on- he is 6 now and has certainly never had any problems with his physical development.

    I think as long as the baby isn't in the car seat for really long periods of time- but even then my in laws live a 1 hour drive away and we made that journey both ways with lo in car seat.
  • I wanted the quinny but it is very expensive, however in babies r us they sell one with carrycot, raincover, changing bag, frame, pushchair, everything you need for ??299 which is a bargain. You can get the car seat to attatch too.
  • Hi Clatterbelle
    I'm getting the quinny buzz and I spent ages with them at the baby show asking endless questions. I think you're prob getting conflicting advice coz it depends how up to date a model you get. As far as I can tell (from what they told me) last years models don't lie flat so you have to have the carrycot but this years models (where they only come in black/ grey, strawberry, and pink/orange) do lie flat so are suitable from newborn. You are not supposed to have a baby in a car seat for more than two hours coz it affects their development. Hope this helps, xxx
  • i fancy the quinny buzz too and am caught between the 2007 model and the 2008 model which will shortly be available. I've seen the 2008 model in quite a lot of different colours. Apparantly the 2008 model comes with an extra bigger seat for when the lo gets bigger.
  • Thanks for all the advice folks. LolaP you have been very helpful, it makes sense now! I will check it out and make sure I get the new model.

    Am I a terrible person?! I find that when I see babies now I'm checking out the pushchair and forgetting to look at the baby! Haha.



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