hi all had bfp last night cd 27 of 28 then this morning bleeding bit of cramps . not much just when i wee and wipe. could this implantation . has anyone had a bleed and still got bfp any advice would help x


  • Could be. I had a pinky/brown discharge for about 48 hours when my period was due, not enough to use anything, just when I wiped. I also had a bit of cramping, so suspect it was implantation bleed. Am now seven weeks and so far all is well.

    Have heard it's quite common.

    Fingers crossed for you.

    B x
  • it could be implantion,i had implantion bleed in my first pregnancy when i was 7dpo and it lasted for 5 days,in this pregnancy i had fresh blood at 7 weeks and the doctors said it could have been implantion then i fresh blood again at 13wks and they couldnt explain why it was happining,bleeding in pregnancy is a lot more common than you think and a lot of ladies on here will tell you,iam now 23wks pregnant and had nothing since,if its brown blood thats old blood so nothing to worry if its fresh blood then just as long as its not like a heavy period or in majour pain you should be ok,keep your feet up and take it easy,iam sure everything will be ok


  • fall 3 not been in any pain since this morning and that only lasted an hour, its not heavy. not enough to change pad ect. but is pinky red. did u test when u was bleeding if so did u still get a posative x
  • I didn't, but if I was was worried I would have tested as frequently as I needed to, to put my mind at rest.

    It can be an expensive hobby, but do it of it'll make you feel better.

    B x
  • tested and its neg so back to tcc x x
  • so sorry to hear that,you could phone your doctor and they will send you to the EPU and they can try and do a scan and take blood samples to check your HCG levels,to say your not in any majour pain should be a good sign and that your not bleeding very heavy

  • ill test again when bleed stops then ill know x x
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