Havent seen you on here for a while. Is everything ok?

Kerry xxxx


  • Hi,
    Everything is still very much up in the air for me. This has been going on for 3 weeks now and I just wish I could find out either way!

    Have had no bleeding for about the last week and a half. Which is good news.

    Had a scan a week last Tuesday after hcg levels had been steadily rising all week. Everything looked okay from scan, although there wasn't much to see as still too early. So they booked me in for another scan a week and a half later which was yesterday. I had to go on my own as oh was working away, but I was quite happy with that as I thought everything would be fine and that I might even see a heart beat or something. It was a nightmare really. The good thing was that the pregnancy sack was still visable and had grown, but I don't think that they saw what they would have expected to at this stage. I also had an internal scan done, which wasn't any clearer. They told me that it was inconclusive and that it was still either a very early pregnancy or mmc. Not very nice at all. I have had more bloods taken and have to go back tomorrow morning to have more done again so they can see if the hormone levels are rising! It's absolute agony waiting. Oh got home tonight so, that has mde me feel so much better, knowing that he is here to support me.
    Thanks for your concern, will let you know the outcome. xxx
  • I am so sorry. I guess you might not be as far gone as you thought, and thats why it wasnt very clear. Hope you get some good news tomorrow.

    Thinking of you and your oh.

    Kerry xxxx
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