Size 6-8 maternity trousers??

Hi ladies

Does anyone know where sells if there is such a thing as 'small' fitting 6-8 size trousers?

I am a small size and quite thin but my trousers are starting to be really tight, the next size up is far too big and maternity trousers seem to look huuuuuuuuuuge!!



  • i was a size 8 first time around and found some nice ones in dorothy perkins and next xx
  • I am small like you as well only 5ft1 and noticed that next do small sizes as well. I am lucky at the moment I have two pairs of jeans that need a belt on them so without the belt should have quite a bit of room for a whille.

  • Next have a good range of smaller sizes and dorothy perkins have some nice things too - You'll probably need to go online though as the selection in store is limited
  • Top shop do a size 6 I brought some trousers last week.... hope that helps xx
  • I'm a size 8 hun, managed to get some maternity jeans & black trousers (that are adjustable) from New Look & some dark jeans from (they have button elasticated sides so you can adjust as you get bigger! They are great.
  • i got my size 6 petite maternity jeans and trousers from next!! i got over bump jeans and i live in them they are so comfy!!xx
  • thanks ladies i wll look in next and dp. i am a 6-8 but mostly 6 but not really petite as short leg are too short lol xxx thank you!!
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