Home births

Any body having one?

I really want one but DH was against it, but last night he said he quite likes the idea now! I'm really excited and can't wait to see the midwife again to discuss my options.

This is number 3, no.2 was only 6 hours long, and I only used gas and air.

The worst part of labour is staying in hospital afterward, really like the idea of being able to sleep i my own bed after.


  • hia lisa,i agree it sounds gr8.I would definately have 1 if could but as i'm under consultant n have had complications in the past its out of the q for me.My labour with my daughter was only 4 hrs long frm 1st contraction n i only had gas n air so can imagine itd b gr8 2 relax in ur own surounding after as u say.Bet ur labour will b quicker aswell this time wnt it,they say that dnt they.Good luck hun xx
  • Hi Lisa. I'm seriously thinking about having a home birth even though this is my first. I'm a bit worried about how I will cope with the pain without the option of an epidural but I really want to give it a go if possible as I think I will be so much more relaxed in my own home. Plus, like you I love the idea of being able to collapse in my own bed with my husband afterwards, rather than staying the night in a hospital ward. At the moment I haven't been able to discuss the idea with my mw as I need to transfer hospitals, my current hospital won't do a homebirth for my area- grrrr. Hopefully I can get it sorted soon and start discussing it.
    Do let us know how your plans go- good luck.
  • I am lucky coz my booking in MW seemed quite kean on the idea, can't wait to see her again.

    I'm really looking forward to the birth this time, which is good coz I think a positive mental attitude towards labour is needed before considering a homebirth. I'm already booked in on a relaxation labour session at the hospital, and even if I don't get my HB i want to stay at home as long as possible.
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