Back from scan utterly confused

Well ladies Im back from my 3rd internal scan Im an old pro now lol. And yet again I dont know where I stand. The doc didnt seem to think he could see a heartbeat so I assumed that it was over. he printed the pic and went to consult with another doctor, they both came back and the second doctor said that there had been progress from last week (what exactly I dont know) and that I would need to come back again next week arrrrrggggggh!!!! another week of waiting! This is 4 weeks now its been stretched over and Im still none the wiser. They didnt seem to think I was miscarrying but surely they would see a heartbeat by now? Im going to the Gp this afternoon to get signed off work for a week as the stress is getting to me and to see if she could help me figure out the minimum number of weeks I could be. Has this happened to anyone??


  • Sorry hun, it hasn't happened to me but didn't wanna read and run. I hope you get some answers soon as this stress can't be good for you.
    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • Not happend to me but just thought id say hang in there, your having a dreadful time. I will keeo my fingers crossed for you next week and hope you get a positive answer!
  • sorry hun i don't have any answers, to me it sounds like the baby must have grown or developed more since a week ago, so that sounds like good news......

    um maybe your between 6 and 7 weeks and heartbeat isn't visable yet? I've never had an internal scan so not sure how clear they are. My first scan was at 8 weeks and there was a heartbeat then, just a little flicker on the screen and not that obvious until pointed out. At 8 weeks the baby is only the size of a kidney bean so really tiny!

    oh i hope you get some good news next week.

    Take care, xxx
  • I had a scan at 5 weeks, 7 and 9 weeks.
    At 7 we saw the yolk that was the baby and at 9 they picked up a heartbeat then so you could still be proper early and as has been said it just may be too early to see anything.

    Getting signed off as well is a good idea.
  • Thanks for your replies girls :\)
    Elsbeth your reply had really given me some hope! I think I could be between 7 and 8 weeks we initally thought I would be 9 weeks today but now that doesnt seem right. Fingers crossed!
  • by progress they could mean growth, i had scans at 5, 6, 7 and 9 weeks and like elsbeth mine didn't show until my 9 week scan, i had had a miscarriage 4 months earlier so as soon as i started bleeding i panicked, they picked up a blob at 5 weeks, then a bigger blob at 6 weeks, and then a properly defined sac at 7 weeks, then a heartbeat at 9. i then carried on having them fornightly until 26 weeks because of regular bleeding. just hang in there, i know its horrible playing the waiting game but there is nothing else that can be done.
  • Hi Fran

    It all depends on how far along you are really, as some of the girls have said it could possibly be too early to see anything yet. You don't say how far apart your scans have been? or the reason you've had them... have you had any bleeding?
    I don't want to alarm you without knowing all the facts but this happened to me with my last pregnancy & it ended with miscarriage almost 3 weeks from my 1st episode of spotting.
    HOWEVER - this does NOT necessarily mean it is going to be the same outcome for you as i'd like to add that I've had bleeding since 6wks in this pregnancy & numerous scans have shown the baby is doing fine (I'm 14wks now, so problems in early pregnancy don't always have to be bad news).
    I think it's disgusting that they didn't provide you with a clearer picture of what was happening to you as you must be worried sick. You say they didn't seem to think you were going to miscarry so that is definitely a good sign as the doctor was quite blunt about my pregnancy not being a healthy 8wks when it happened to me.
    I think you should speak to your GP & get him/her to explain things in more detail - after all... it's your body & you have the right to know what is going on.
    I really hope you have a positive outcome chick & I know theres no point telling you not to worry coz its impossible not to, just try not to upset yourself un-neccessarily until the doctors are certain of the facts as this will not help you or your baby.

    Good luck hun, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you xx
  • Hi Nicky, Ive been having spotting on and off from what I thought was 5 weeks(so almost 4 weeks now) mainly brown. Ive had 3 scans, there were 2 weeks between the first and second and a week between the last one and this one. At the last scan I was told it was 50/50 whether the pregnancy would go ahead and Id totally resigned myself to the fact hat we would lose the baby. So I was shocked today when he said there had been progress from last week and that he expected there to be more progress next week. I havent had any pain at all although I know it could still go either way.
  • Hi Fran - I was wondering how you were getting on.

    Well, at least there has been progress which is really good news. Can't believe you've got to go back next week again, but unfortunately nature being nature you can't hurry it along....

    Good idea to take the week off work - put your feet up and keep your mind occupied (as much as you can). Keep us posted!

  • Hi Fran

    i know it is hard to wait between scans but please try not to worry (too much!) my first scan with an internal showed no heartbeat at 5+3 but then 2nd scan with abdominal showed scan at 6+3, CRL 6.7mm if that helps at all.

    Can't they do repeated blood tests to monitor your hcg levels? maybe ask your GP about this because i thought this was a way to check whether the pregnancy was progressing

    don't be giving up yet. i'll be thinking about you and crossing all my fingers

  • I thought it was odd that they only took my blood the first week I was at hospital! My GP has signed me off work for a week so I'll just have to sit it out lol
  • I thought I was 6 +6 on Tues but no heartbeat so they said I was prob only 6 weeks and I'm going back a week tomorrow. If the sac is growing then babe must have been OK and hopefully you'll see more next time.
  • Hi, I had a scan at 4 weeks pregnant and u could see the yolk sac so they would see something by now. I have another scan on Monday as I've been bleeding for 5 days, fingers crossed for both of us..
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