Can anyone help, I'm nearly six weeks pregnant with my second child however I've got quite a large "bump" already, something I didn't get til around 11-12weeks last time. Twins run in both mine and my partners family, does this early swelling indicate twins? Kerry x


  • i'm just 6 weeks today and i've started growing too my usual clothes don't fit me image i've put it down to fluid retention or twins lol pregnancies react in different ways i'm told. although "i'm not supposed to be showing yet" according to one of the women i work with (like i can stop it!) image
  • I know what you mean my partner and best friend are making me really conscious because they keep eyeing up my belly (when they think I'm not looking). Im also worried that people are begining to guess I'm pregnant coz I didn't really want to tell anyone just yet!
  • Hi im 8 weeks and compared to my sister who started showing around 5 month people keep looking at me as if they dont know what to say!!!!

    Twins are in our family aswell. but when is the earliest we find out????

    J x
  • As far as I am aware you can tell from 6 weeks when a heart beat is detected on ultrasound, however many people don't have their scans til 12wks so I'm looking for any "diy" solutions to find out asap. k x
  • Hi

    I went for an early scan at about 7 wks and a heartbeat was detected. I then put my bloatedness down to putting on weight easily and holding fluid. I then went for my 12 wk scan and was told I was having twins!!! I have loads of people commenting on my bump size, some say I am small (although I think I am massive) and others say I am big. Having an early scan doesnt always work though!!!! xxxx
  • Oh no! I bet u nearly fell off the bed when they told you it was twins. The suspence is killing me I dnt think I could cope with twins and a toddler I think thats y im so anxious to find get mentally prepared ha ha ha (if thats possible) k x
  • I'm feeling really fat at the moment but I'm just putting it down to bloatedness. If i wasn't preg then I would be dieting!! I don't wont people to know just yet so am wearing body warmers to try and cover any signs of a bump up!

    although the sound of twins is nice and as teenager I always thought it would be nice to have twins. I think my hands will be full juggling my first baby with the general chores let alone having two!

    On this post and other posts I have read about people saying that twins run in both sides of the family. Out of interest, I was wondering BabbleBabble and Kerry whether you are refering to both identical and unidentical? xxx
  • I am definately bigger than I was at this stage (6weeks) last time, I am praying that it is not twins!! I am concentrating on the fact that apparantly you do pop out sooner with the second and subsequent as your stomach muscles are no longer as tight. I did read that if you have bad sickness that this can be another sign of twins as you produce more of the hormone that makes you feel sick. I am trying to look on the bright side, there are worse things than twins, triplets for instance!!!
  • my OH is hoping its not twins but i realy don't care as long as they're healthy. Twins are harder to look after but only coz of time burt think about all the love that will be around! truth be know i wouldn't mind twins it would make sense with the amoun of weight i've gained and the size of my tummy now. I've been feeling like a whale and what i thought it would feel like at 6 months not at 6 weeks! i guess i'm hoping that with twins family will help a lil more. being a first time mom it can be a lil daunting having twins straight off but still i'd like to think that they'd get equal amounts of love image
  • I would have loved twins first time round, just think if you want two children anyway you get all of the pregnancy, birth and nappies out of the way at once and as my husband pointed out the other day we wouldn't have had to argue over who's turn it was for a cuddle! This time round I am already worrying about finding time for two under two's so the thought of twins is frankly slightly terrifying!
  • Hi again, well eveyone has made me feel loads better that I'm not the only one with a "bump" at six weeks. In answer to bumpety bumps question its identical twins on my side and unidentical on my partners. Just been to the doctors today to have my pregnancy confirm and unfortunately I'm been put straight under the obstertricians not the midwives coz my blood pressure is through the roof and I've got to go every week to be checked. Im upset coz weekly checks didnt start till I was 39 weeks last time. k x
  • don't be upset it jsut means they are looking after you properly and are rightly concerned about yuour BP. I have a wait till isee anyone about my bump. I'm fat anyways so it hides it a lil but on top of that i've found i'm resting my hands on it whilst walking around and stuff so i'm loking more pregnant than i really am lol
  • Ina greement CrochetMom, my hubby has told me I shouldn't walk with crossed arms as people wil suspect I'm pregnant. Apparently thats what ladies do when they are pregnant!
    Kerry, try not to worry.I'm sure it will all be fine. If you have any questions, write it down on paper now so you can ask them next week. Like crochet mum says, you are in the best hands. I guess you are just surprised that they started so early. I'm guessing they will be checking you weekly, untill they are happy with it. It could just be an abnormally reading. When i went to the Drs mine was higher than what I would call my average, bearing in mind I been in a rush tog et to teh drs and was a bit stress, all of which would ahve addedd to a higher blood pressure.

    You mentioned you probably wouldn't cope with having twins although there are some in both families. Just to say that unidentical twins run in families but not identical twins, due to 2 eggs being released. Therefore if undentical twins are on his side the chances of you having twins is v.low.
    the chance of any women ahving identical twins is 1 in 300. Whereas your chance of having non-identical twins varies according to whether they run in your family or not. xxx
  • Hey, I'm 15 weeks on Mon and only just noticed in the last week I've been getting a 'bump'! But people are definitely noticing now. Make the most of being big girls cos I hate being pregnant but not feelin it cos I'm so small. Then again, it is my first. I had a scan at 6 weeks and another at 9, and there was definitely just the one in there! Phew. One unplanned babba is bad enough not 2...hehe.

    Apparently if ur having twins ur morning sickness/general pg symptoms will be a lot worse than normal. Not sure why...but I knew a girl who had twins recently and she had morning sickness up until giving birth at 32 wks! xxx
  • First time round I didn't really start to show untill about 20 weeks. I was quite lucky in that I only put on weight on my bump, I am really hoping that the same happens again as I lost my pregnancy weight indecently quickly and with absolutely no effort (sorry!)
  • I'm really reassured that I'm not carrying twins now, I think second time round you worry about things so much more. I'm nervous all the time and my mind is constantly on overdrive (prob y bp is high), I thought it would be easier second time round coz you know what to expect but I'm a bag of nerves. K x
  • I think that knowing what to expect just gives you more to worry about. Although this one was just as planned as the first at the minute I just keep thinking 'What have I done?' I am worried about everything, I had a tiny bit of spotting last week, exactly the same as I did with Millie so it was almost certainly just implantation bleeding but now I am convinced that there is something wrong. I am already feeling guilty for not being able to play with Millie as much because I feel sick (strangely rolling around on the floor doesn't help much!) and I have no idea how I will manage when I actually have two! I guess I'll just muddle through like I did last time. How old is your lo Kerry?
  • My babyboy is 15months hes found his feet so a lil handful. I've not had any spotting this time but have bin suffering from stomach cramps so av bin worried.
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