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Miscarriage last year, pregnant again but bleeding

HI all, I'm new to all of this, but need some advice... I had a miscarriage last year, tested positively pregnant on Friday and have been in touch with our local EPU. I had an early scan today and sac measuring around 5mm, too small to have heartbeat so another scan booked for 2 weeks and bloods taken. I've had some light bleeding from yesterday on and off, sometimes redder than the last but very light almost watered down - but no pain at all. Has anyone had this? I'm terrified in case I have another miscarriage and truthfully don't think I could cope. I've been taking it easy at work, drinking lots of water and taking vitamins and folic acid. Can anyone advise if they have been through this at all? Or if there is anything I should be doing or worrying about? Thanks so much in advance


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