Is baby measuring ok, need advice please!!!

Wondering if anyone can help/calm my worries. I am receiving shared care from my midwife and doctor and at my 36 week appointment my midwife felt my stomach (she doesnt like to measure just to feel with her hands) and she said i was the same as my dates and that my baby was 2/5 engaged. When i went to my 38 week appointment which was with my doctor she measured my bump with a tape and said that i was measuring 34cm. She also wrote that my baby was engaged but not by how much. She did say that everything seemed on track though!

Im worried that im measuring 4 weeks behind. Could this suggest that my baby isnt growing properly or when babys head starts to engage does that mean the bump would measure slightly smaller than before anyway. Sorry if im rambling on its just i dont see anyone now unless i go over at 41weeks and i have had no growth scans estimating weight or size of baby at all, (last scan on nhs was 13weeks, although i had a private one at 27weeks). Im also aneamic and on iron tablets but at my 36weeks appointment with my midwife she said my heamaglobin levels were still low and ive read lack of iron can cause premature birth/ and low birth weight.

Any help or advice would be sincerely appreciated.

Suzi 38+5 xxx


  • With regards to your iron levels. Make sure you are also having plenty of red meat and green veg and have a glass of fresh orange juice with meals this will help boost your iron levels as I was the same as you....

    My iron levels came back up before i gave birth and I had hardly any blood loss... I did have my LO 2 weeks early and she was 6lb 5oz....

    I had to have 2 growth scans with my LO as i was measuring 2-3 wks behind.... If your GP would have been concerned a growth scan would have been ordered for you straight away if they felt baby wasnt growing....
  • Thanks for all your advice ladies, im feeling much happier about it now after reading your replies! :\)

    Suzi 38+5 xxx
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