Baby heartbeat

My and oh heard our babies heartbeat 2nyt but not in v nice circumstances. All day l had been getting a sharp pain on the left side of my stomach so l foned the mw 4 advice n she told me to come straight in but they dont know wots causing the pain as lm not showng any other symptons think its just 1 of those things. Ive to go back if its not any btr.

The mw checked the babys heartbeat and it ws really strong and she said everythings ok. It ws great hearing it as we've never heard it b4 image soo excited


  • Hi ! Do you mind me asking how many weeks pregnant you are?
  • Of course not lm 15+2wks
  • I started to get really bad pains on my right hand side at about 16 weeks in my last pregnancy. In this pregnancy I got the same pains at about 15 weeks. They were like sharp pains, just on my right hand side. I was told that it could just be my ligaments stretching, but never actually found out what it actually was. First pregnancy went on to be fine and I'm now 38 wks into this pregnancy, so hopefully its nothing too serious. I'd try not to worry, I've had loads of pains and niggles this time round and I haven't been able to explain most of them.XXX
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