Could I be pregnant?

For the past few days my upper abdomen has been feeling weird. Not hurting, but weird, and I have been feeling pretty nauseous throughout the days. Here's the crazy part - I got my period exactly a week early and it lasted only 4 days (usually 6). The day my period was supposed to start was when it ended. So this morning I took a FR pregnancy test. In the location where the positive sign should be was a thin line, not even pink. It was in the timeframe I was supposed to check it, and I had to look VERY CLOSELY to see the line. Is that the evap line or a BFP? Could I be pregnant or am I imagining this? I attached a pic of the test I took this morning. The pix was taken about 3 minutes after taking. I see what could be a shadow of a positive. Could I be pregnant?image


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