Baby milk

At the moment im planning on breastfeeding for the first few weeks but after that baby will go on powder milk. Does anyone know roughly how much powder anewborn goes through a week? Ive bought the big 900g cow and gate newborn powder that cost ??7.00, any rough ideas how long that would last? x


  • i estimate a box lasts for about a week, a little bit less when they are feeding 5 x a day with 6-7oz!
  • yea i was gonna say probably bout a week at first when babys not taking that much,i am breastfeeding at the moment but do give grace a top up of formula at night time before bed and i am using cow & gate as its closest to breastmilk containing lots of prebiotics,good choice! hanna,holly and grace xx
  • My daughter is 2 weeks old and she is feeding 5Oz every 3-4 hours and i am about 3/4 way through my second box of Cow and Gate. Have always used cow and gate and when seen health visitor last week she said its what they are recommending at the minute.
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