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Please advise on my cycle :(

Hi all. So basically I have recently come off contraception (mirena) and so far my periods and cycle have been as follows;

Start              End

13TH Sept -  17TH Sept (CYCLE LENGTH 22 DAYS)

6TH Oct -      10TH Oct (CYCLE LENGTH 26 DAYS)

1ST Nov -      5th Nov (CYCLE LENGTH 22 DAYS)

So, according to an app I have, I should have started my period yesterday. Is this correct? I am having trouble understanding it all due to not long being off contraception and actually having periods again.

Thank you!

Layla x


  • Your body will take time to find it's rhythm after coming off hormonal contraception. It may be too soon to be trying an app. Try looking at your body's subtle signs instead - your body temperature will go up shortly before your period is due & your vaginal discharge will change in colour & texture

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