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Positive pregnancy test followed by bleeding - have i lost it?

I did a pregnancy test on the 18 th of November and the pregnancy test was positive and I been bleeding a lot then I stop then start spotting and I'm gonna do another test today and see what happens. do you think I lost the baby? or am still pregnant? if I am this is my first being pregnant so I need help


  • The only way you would know for certain would be a blood test for hormone levels. Hormone can take time to re-settle following a termination or miscarriage so you may still get a positive test for a few weeks after, your bloods, however, will show whether the hormone is increasing (pregnant) or remaining static/falling.

    Bleeding during pregnancy is actually quite common & doesn't have to mean the worst. You should discuss it with your GP/MW though so they can run the needed checks. I bled for my entire 1st trimester with my now 6yr old. Best wishes & good luck

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