hi, Is anyone else coverd in spots i got them all over my back and chested is this normal
Tori (31+4) XxX


  • I have really itchy spots on my legs, like heat spots. Are they itchy? If not, don't think its anything to worry about, just another of the hormonal joys!! xx
  • Throughout my first pregnancy i suffered with terrible spots but only on my face (for this i used clinque stuff but it did no gud). This time round my face has fleared up but not as bad, however this time round ive bin using Simple cleanser, toner and moisturiser, and covering my face in sudacreme before i go to bed, my OH says i luk like the abonimable snowman. But wen i wake in the morning my skin is usually settled. Im lucky in that its only on my face (or unlucky coz that wat everyone luks at) but my friend was like u and suffered all over, and it was dead weird coz the day after she had the baby her skin cleared up (that fast!). Kerry xxx

  • Hi tori g,

    I am 16 weeks and have had an out break of spots on my face upper back and neck. No matter what i do i cant get rid of them. I think its just down to hormone levels, i think its normal.

    Kerry xxx
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