belly ache..normal?

I found out last week that i am pregnant - am six weeks.

I am a born worrier and have been taking it really easy these past few days. i had period type pain up to friday evening and then yesterday and today i sem to have a different type of sensation in my belly. it doesnt seem to be painful, but there seems to be waves or twinges of some sort. i am terribly worried that i am going to start bleeding and check everytime i go to the loo.

I am back in school tomorrow and know that i wont be able to just put my feet up when i feel tired, and am worried that with the belly-things something bad is going to happen.

Is it normal to have belly-'things' or should i be more concerned than i am now?



  • hiya,
    this is my secound pregnancy and im now 22weeks gone, but throughout the first trimester i was exactly the same,worried about every little twinge,
    i thinck its just your body making changes,
    i used to get the worst period pains when i would have usally come on my period,
    but as your body adapts you should find the twinges lesson, id still be abit carful as this is the danger stage,
    but im shore yourl be fine,just try to relax and thinck possitive image x
  • hey u all those sorts of aches are totaly norm, its prob the egg inplanting, and as go thru ur pregnancy ul prob get even more of them (growing pains) unless uv got really bad cramping and red blood there shouldnt be any reason to worry image xxx
  • Hi
    I'm the same as you - Born to worry!! Period pains, belly ache etc are all perfectly normal during the early stages, its your body getting used to carrying the baby. You'll go through phases of feeling fine, then tired then aching again.
    Try not to worry and relax, be as normal as possible.
    Oh, congratulations!!
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