did anyone?

get lots Neg pg tests before thier af due then get a +? im due thurs and got 2 BFN s now yest and today but i know its still early. i hate all this waiting!!!! im only on month one too youd think i would remember as my son is only 8 .5 months old!! xxx


  • Aw your lo is so cute!
    I got a BFN on the day my AF was due with a clear blue digital, then did 2 cheap chemist ones a couple of days later and BFP's. I know its a pain but I think playing the waiting game is the only thing u can do. Sorry if not much help, Kerry xxx

  • thanks guys i guess i have to wait lol!!!! i guess it in over until she arrives! gonna wait a few days now then and test at the weekend x
  • Don't worry yet hayley as I got a negative with a clear blue the day before af due (the one that can tell 3 days before) and then tested the day it was due and got a POSITIVE!!!!!!!!
    Other than my wedding it was the bst moment of my life!! I was very disheartened the day before though xxxxxx
  • I think that would be best and then u will avoid anymore dispointments during the week. I know how hard it is, but fingers crossed for the weekend, let us no how u get on. Kerry xxx

  • i got 3 BFNs before my af was due and then after it was due i started to get BFPs. Good luck. xx
  • I tested for what seems like an age before I got my bfp 5 days after af was due. I even got a bfn 1 day after af was due and I thought she was just mucking around.

  • wow i didnt know so many people got bfn after or on day due! has restored a little faith! lol!!! thanks for replies will make sure i let u know either way!!! x
  • I only got a BFP 5 days after af due and it was a very faint line.
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