when do you find out?

about your first scan? im 4+2 so still verrrrrrry early on. Went docs last week (as i was 9dpo when i found out) and she said i will receive a letter re my first scan which will be when i am between 10 and 12 weeks as my cycles are quite long.
This will be end ov nov im guessing so when will i get the letter roughly? is it like a week before or a month before??

eeek im so excited i cant wait! (scared too thou!!) x x



  • Hi

    Congrats on ur bfp!!

    My date came thru really quick, i registered my pregnancy with doc when i was 4 weeks and she put me forward for my scan and i got appointment thru when i was 6 weeks. Meant i had 6 weeks to wait, but i had my wedding and honeymoon in between so it went quick. My appmnt was thru before i saw midwife at 7 weeks, so wasnt long for me!
    Congrats again xx

  • i went to the docs as soon as i had BFP- she registered it on her computer and gave me a printoff which had a password on and a phone number.
    i called the number and booked my 12 week scan from there.

    congrats on your BFP-lovely news!


  • congratulations on your bfp!
    it varies in different areas but i think you normally find out a month or so before xx
  • i got my letter about a week after my first apointment with my midewife, as here its the midwife that refers you for the scan, x
  • seen the midwife at 8 weeks and got my letter a week later. Didnt get my scan until 13 1/2 weeks though and found out I was 14 weeks when I got there !!

  • I didn't find out when i was 8 weeks only cause i had to book it myself cause widwife is a little slack...she actually told me on sunday when i was 10+2. I think it is different in different areas.

    Congratulations on you BFP!

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