Paranoia kicking in!!!

Ok im only 29weeks and ive had quite an easy pregnancy with no morning sickness, no heartburn nothing really and i just keep thinking surely something has got to go wrong?

is it normal to worry all the time?
Also this week she hasnt kicked that much as normal i know it slows down the bigger you get but i wasnt expecting the movements to slow down at 29weeks or am i just being a pregnant nutter??

People keep telling me things like they knew someone who had a still birth, or someone who had the cord wrapped round the neck etc etc its freaking me out or am i just being paranoid?

Sorry for the rant


  • no your not being paranoid, im 30 weeks and i thought she wasnt kicking as much last couple of days as she is always so active so i find myself laying still through the day just to feel her move.

    i think its only natural to feel like this on one hand i want to keep her in there to protect her and on the other i want her out so i know shes ok!

  • i feel exactly the same, i think i want her out now though cos then i can see if there are any problems when shes inside i have not got a clue whats going on!
    i also find myself getting in positions i know she hates so she will delibratley kick we are so cruel haha.

    thanks for letting me know yours has slowed down though as i was getting worried
  • I think it's only natural to be worried. I am the same as kell2 and find myself lying still so I can feel lo.
    But on the flipside, who are these people that keep sharing their horror stories with you? Totally inconsiderate! Everyone wants to get their tuppence worth in when you're pregnant and I think just keep reminding yourself that EVERYONE has a horror story because they are more interesting to tell, but that for the 1 horror story there are hundreds of straightforward pregnancies/labours that people don't tell you about!
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