Anyone still not felt baby move at 19weeks??

I am 19weeks on sunday but still havent felt baby move! I was expecting to feel him/her from 16weeks!
any ideas/thoughts??


  • hiya, well i am 20 weeks, it is my 4th and i expected to feel my baby move earlier too, but it is only this past week i have felt her really moving, dont worry about it everyone is diffrent xx you will feel it soon enough when baba is kicking the daylights out of your ribs !!
  • when i saw the midwife she says it happens at different times for everyone, she says there is one lady she sees who is 26 weeks and still hasnt felt hers move, but all is ok with the baby, she just hasnt felt it! so try not to worry about it image
  • i didnt feel much at all until i was at least 20+ weeks. from about 16 weeks i would lie in bed trying my hardest to feel things, most times i thought i did it was just wind! be patient you will feel lo soon enough and when you do it will be wonderful!

  • Im 18 weeks tmw and i still havent felt baby move! I think everyone feels it at different times! I was really worried too as was expecting to feel baby move at 16 weeks too but i think for first timers its maybe 20 weeks plus!

    Jennie 17+6 xxx
  • I'm a first timer and didn't feel the baby move til after 21 weeks and even then only occasionally.... Everyone is different!
  • Thanks ladies, feel alot better now. Guess when i do feel him and he's keeping me awake at night ill be glad i didnt feel him sooner!! lol
  • This is my first pregnancy and I didn't feel any kicking til after 21 weeks. It may have been earlier and I just didn't realise! Apparently it isn't uncommon during your first pregnancy to not feel the baby kick until 20 odd weeks but everyone is different. Enjoy the peace!image
  • glad to see this post and i have been wondering the same thing the past few days - i'm 18+3 and was starting to get worried but this has put my mind at rest - thnsk girls!
  • I felf a sort of excited feeling from 16 weeks but couldn't be sure if it was babba or not, but i knew for sure at 20 weeks though, because the sensation changed to a bursting bubble feeling, or popping feeling.

    It'll come, so try not to panic, you would know about it if all was not well. i was feeling anxious before the popping feeling once, so i went to the midwife just so I could hear her heartbeat to put my mind at rest.
  • with my first pregnancy, I didnt feel my baby move until I was 22 weeks.

    I thought there may have been some fluttering before then but couldnt be sure.

    People vary, so don't worry.
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