Second baby - when did you feel first movements?

Hi everyone.

I was just wondering when those of you who have more than one baby felt the first movements with baby number two. I am 16 weeks pregnant with my second baby and so far haven't felt anything. I thought there was a little flutter the other day but I decided in the end that it was probably just wind! I can't remember how far through I was when I first felt my son move. It's only three years ago, but its amazing how much I'd forgotten about being preggers!


  • Hi reester, this is my 4th pregnancy and i started feeling this one this week, mostly its if i sneeze or move too quick i get a kind of poke, not had much in the way of flutters yet though.

    Have you noticed anything like that yet?xx

  • Hi!
    Congrats on your pregnancy!
    No, I haven't felt anything really - apart from wind, which I seem to have in abundance!!! I remember my first baby's first movement. He gave me a good kick after I'd eaten a particularly spicy pizza! Perhaps I need to get the hot pizzas out again!

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  • Yum....pizzaaaa.... now you've started something!!! I have been craving ham n pineapple pizza this week, think it might just be pineapple though as i ate a small one all to myself the other day! (pineapple that is!)

    I'm almost 16wks (on sun) but the mws say the more you have the sooner you feel as you know what your looking for!

    Hope you get your kicks soon

  • Hi 1 felt mine at around 16 weeks, were only tiny flutters though. You'll prob feel baby soon.
    Congrats on the pregnancy

    love beck 31 weeks x
  • Hey, I really worried that i hadnt felt my second baby move, but at 20 week scan I was told i had an anterial placenta (attached to front of womb) which was cushioning the kicks so i couldnt feel it. even now at 27 weeks the kicks are much more subtle only good thing is that it doesnt keep me awake at night. hope you feel babe soon xxDBxxx

  • I thnk it was either 16 or 18 weeks this time round (2nd), although they took a few weeks to get strong and really noticable as I too have an anterior placenta, and most movements are at the sides and in my ribs now lol.

    Faith, 30 weeks tomorrow yay!!xxx
  • Hi there this time round i was about 14 weeks but then with my first i felt her at 15weeks so not that much different was more flutters than anything im missing all the movements in my belly now tho its mad coz i could wait to get my baby out and now she is here i miss being pregnant lol good luck ladies there really worth all the worry when they arrive Sophie,Ashleigh and baby Teigan xx

  • this is my second and i first felt her about 16wks - checked with midwife when i went for test results and she said you can feel them earlier with seconds but very much depends on baby and where in the womb it's choosing to hang out (so to speak!)
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