6-8weeks pregnant - advice needed please


This is my first time being pregnant and even though I'm in my early stages of the pregnancy (6-8 weeks), I am needing som advice.

I've been experiencing some stomach cramps like period pain but it goes away but comes back again and my stomach feels bloated.

Please could some reply to this to ease my mind.



  • This is very normal and you should not worry. Your body is going through a lot of changes right now, none of which might be visible to you, but rest assured that things are stretching etc. Unless you have other reason such as bleeding, you should enjoy your BFP!
  • Thank you for your reply image

  • i had the exact same mine were like period pains but not and they were milder and i looked like i was about to have my period and at times it did scare me but i did have some spotting at 7 weeks but no pain then at 12 weeks but ive had nothing since aslong as u have no bleeding like i did u should be fine and that its normal to get cramps and that xx
  • Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    I had cramps very early on that continued until the end of the first trimester and I think they're fairly common.

    Try not to worry, its easier said than done though I know!

    Bec 22+5 x
  • Hi honeybunny - I am 8+5 - nearly at 9! I have had a lot of this please dont worry - unless like the others you have a lot of bleeding x
  • Hey hun!

    Please dont worry, its totally normal. When i was 6 weeks preg my hubby found me on the bathroom floor crying my eyes out as i was in sooo much pain! Really intense period cramps!

    I got an emergency appmnt at docs and she assured me that as long as i hadnt been bleeding everything was fine and just everything stretching and moving. I was so convinced something was wrong but here i am 38 weeks and have had a problem free pregnancy image

    Sharon xx


  • Its normal hun im 13-15 weeks pregnant and have been having some awful pains the last few days - im putting it down to the baby having a growth spurt!



  • Yes, mild to medium period-type pains are very common and totally normal - I had them too and still do now and then. I also often felt bloated in the early stages, it's annoying but nothing to worry about!

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