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Hi all, I only found out i was pregnant a week ago. We have been trying for a year and a half so it is the best news we could have. It will be our first baby,but i just wonder when people started to feel pregnant. I am 6 weeks tomoz and apart from sore boobs I don't feel anything (apart from constant worry). I know every women is different but because i don't know what to expect I don't know how normal this is HELP x x


  • Hi I was like this when I first found out no morning sickness or anything so I thought yey this is great but give it a couple of weeks and the symptoms will come!
    The first symptoms for me were stomach and back aches and feeling tired. Then came the constant nausea and morning sickness which doesn't come every morning but enough!
    Probably week 7 or 8 you could feel something but don't worry if you don't you could just be lucky!

  • Hi Hun and a big congratulations to you! I only had a sore chest at 6 weeks but about 7weeks i started to get quite tired and starting getting pains like period pains (just the uterus stretching). Then at about 8 weeks i started with morning sickness and had that till i was 14 weeks. I also went off most food in the early stages. Now im 19 weeks and i have got spotty skin, my appetite is back full force and i still have sore boobs!!!!!!!

    Enjoy not having much symptons as it probably won't last long but remember that every person is different and you could be one of the lucky ones that doesn't have any symptons!!! image

    Suzi 19+2 xx
  • Thank you all, I am trying just to relax and take everything as it comes but i'm so nervous but so excited I want to scream. I feel better now after your advice and i'm sure i will be on here next week complaining how rotten i feel lol. Good luck to all xxx
  • i didn't have any symptoms til 12 weeks, didnt have sore boobs or anything just really bad sickness which lasted til 36 weeks...some people are lucky and have nothing at all so enjoy it while it lasts incase it doesn' may be posting on here in a few weeks fed up cuz u feel so bad lol! x

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