Hauk Infinity Travel System v. Bugaboo Chameleon

So, I finally dragged my husband pram shopping yesterday to a very good local nursery shop where the woman was incredibly friendly and helpful and spent a good half hour showing us how to take things apart and put them together etc. They had a pretty good range of stock, but only two prams which met my major specification - that it has a detachable carrycot (which I am planning to use as a substitute for a moses basket). One of these was the Bugaboo Chameleon, which we were both very impressed with, to the point that we are seriously considering ordering it.

However, it is expensive, so last night I hopped on line to see if I could find cheaper deals that way. I can, but nothing so significant as to make me change my mind about ordering it through the shop (they will store it until required, which would be a huge bonus for us). What I did find, though, was the Hauk Infinity travel system which looks almost identical to the Chameleon and (and this is the major factor) it costs half of what we would be paying for the Chameleon and includes a car seat and all sorts of other extras. (We only actually need a car seat for getting back from the hospital as we don't own a car, but for that price it would be incredibly convenient to have one rather than having to borrow on the very rare occasions we would actually need it.)

I am really, really tempted by the Infinity, but the only dealer in our area is in a part of town that requires something of a mission to reach from where we are and I am not sure when we are going to find the time to go take a proper look. So I was wondering if anyone on here has used/considered using either or both systems and can comment on them so that I can make some sort of comparison. The two major issues as far as I am concerned are compactness when folded (we have a reasonable amount of storage room but not loads) and, to a lesser extent, weight - I will probably need to be able to get it on and off trains upon occasion. Any comments, thoughts, pointers etc would be hugely appreciated.



  • hi i have hauck infinity n love it have used it solidly for last two years n its fab light even with toddler in all covers come off n can go in machine but i would be hesitant to let baby sleep over night in carrycot as its not very well paded but that aside its a great pram n a fraction of bugaboo costs especially if u go on ebay shop online4 baby they do reallyimpressive deals xxx
  • Thanks so much, lollyhatch. I think we will go for it! I take it you haven't had any problems in terms of needing repairs or replacement parts or anything?

    Oh, and I should have clarified. We are getting a crib for nighttime, but I was going to get a moses basket to use during the day (if the baby is napping and I am in my office or downstairs). It will just be a lot easier to use the carrycot than have yet another piece of equipment. As I say, we don't have huge amounts of space!
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