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I just ate...

the most eeeeeeeeeeeeeenourmous slice of choccy fudge cake, and a huge mug of hot chocolate, and i felt the need to share my guilt with all of you image xxx


  • Ummmmm, I need chocolate now, no fair!
  • Yum.... I'm off work and wondering what I can eat!!x

  • That sounds so nice but i have no appitite wat so eva at the min so im wishing that i cud eat something like that if it was put in front of me, hope u enjoyed it. Kerry xxx (34+6)
  • I only went to the coffee shop for a cuppa, it's like i have no self control image xxx
  • I had no self control before pregnancy, I dont even understand the concept now I am with child!

    Joanna 32 weeks
  • Thats what pregnancy does to you, lol. xxx
  • mmmmmmmmmmmm that sounds nice i've just eaten a donut with sprinkles ans a mars duo it was sooo nice but i feel like a pig now i'm the same i have no self control lol
    vikki xx
  • Hi there!

    hehe, it does sound very nice but unfortunatly i av gone off choccy too but at the mo i am tucking into a big bowl ov chopped up pinapple very yummy!!
    Take care xxx :lol:
  • I've just had a mixed berry muffin. It was ace. I wish Id gone off chocolate, the size of my backside proves that I can't get enough of it just now !! S x
  • i just ate a big bucket of popcorn a mcdoanlds cheeseburger large fries and a club biscuit. guilt!!! only gulity cos i cannot be arsed to cook the oh some tea when he comes in from work hehe. xxx
  • Mixed berry muffin??? That's not guilt - these days that's a healthy option for me LOL!!!

    I soooo wish I'd go off chocolate and sweets but unfortunately my flab calls for it on a daily basis (actually a tri-daily basis usually!!!)

    8 days to go
  • Hmmmm chocolate, just had a snickers bar then my OH opened a box of Cadburys fingers. Cant be bothered to resist, they're nearly all gone now!

    I went off chocolate for a while and all I ate was fruit, looks like I'm making up for it now!
  • ah you're making my mouth water!! ice cream is all i can keep down at the mo and soothes my throat, well thats the excuse lol xxx

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