numb bump???

hi girls

last nite i noticed that the bottom of my bump from below my belly button for about 2 inches is kinda numb i have some feeling there but not as much as above my belly button if that makes any sense??

has anyone else had this????


  • I've had the same thing but at the top of my bump and its driving me mad asking people who then look at me like I'm mental!!! Thank god someone else knows what I'm talking about.

    It feel the same as when your skin comes back to life after pins and needles (if that makes sense) and sometimes goes completely numb. Mine is at the very top of my bump under my boobs where my bump meets my ribs. It must be a pressure thing.
  • yes thats what is like just like that!!! i dont think mine would be a pressure thing tho at the bottom of bump???
    i wonder what it is......
  • ? I've asked the midwife and they haven't a clue either x
  • just another one of those pregnancy things then i guess!!!
  • I had this at the top of my bump when I was pregnant from about 32weeks!! It drove me crazy! Midwife said it was to do with stretching. It almost feels like its just the top layer of skin thats numb but underneath its ok.....very strange feeling!

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