Raspberry leaf tea

I was wondering where i could buy some rasberry leaf tea from and if anyone has used it?


  • Hi hunibuni - i searched high and low to find raspberry leaf tea in supermarkets with no luck, but i found some fruit tea by Tetleys (Summer Merry Berry) which has raspberry in it, along with other fruits. I drink it quite a lot as it actually does taste nice!
    I did read that raspberry can help reduce risk of miscarriage, but not sure what it does other than that.

  • I got mine from holland and barratt I was told not to use it untill 34 wks as it can cause premature labour. Its to help the uterus contract I think and deffo would not use it in the early stages unless your midwife has said you can!
  • I got mine from health shop in tablet form because couldn't face drinking the tea. Back of my bottle says not to be taking b4 30weeks been taking it for 4 days and if anything it seems to have weakened the episode of braxton hicks that I was having prior to starting them. Lisa 38+5 weeks xxx
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