Anyone had a PPH then not had with next birth????


I on having my 4th suffered a severe PPH...had to have uterus manually massaged(not good) and then blood given when all stopped. I now having 5tha and worried it will happen again. I am so scared of dying and leaving 5 kids. When I was bleeding last time I coudl hear it dripping onto the floor and it was all systems go with a mw with hand right out there and me getting pushed to theatre. Luckily I did not need surgery as it stopped after massage and some injections of something or other! I felt myself slipping away and it was an awful feeling. I have aksed at hosp what chances of it happening again and they said higher than if I had never had one but not too risky. They inducing me at 38 weeks to try and stop baby been big and a quick labour which can be major cause of PPH (last was less than 3 hours).
Anyway, would love some feedback on someone who has had one but then gone on to have another birth and not have one. I just wander if its my uterus saying its had enough:lol: I know I have!!!!!!!!

Any comments would be welcomed!!!!!!!!
denise 30 weeks


  • oh god dee dee that sounds awfull, i have big babies and fast labours (2nd baby was 9.9 and 3 hours, 3rd was 9.14 and 2 hours) but thats never happened to me so cant really comment, but just wanted to reply to you!!
    i hope things go better for you this time
    love vikki xxx

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