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Varicose vein?

Last time I got a million stretchmarks. This time, touch wood, no stretch marks yet at 34 weeks (cocoa butter and bio-oil before anyone asks), but I seem to have a varicose vein on my belly. Anyone else had this? :\?


  • I noticed varicose veins on either side of my bump, i had them at around 28 weeks.
    i was told it's normal and it's coz the skin has stretched out thin.
    They did feel a bit saw though, so Palmers stuff helped ease them a bit, plus it helped my stretchmarks 2.
  • i've never had any varicose veins on my bump just very purple and red stretch marks. but i have suffered from a vulva varicose vein. i first got it in my first pregnancy 8 years ago and only rears it's ugly head when i'm pregnant!!!this is very painful and uncomfy. as i get bigger in pregnancy it really throbs, but disappears as soon as i have had the baby.xx
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