Yay good news!

Hello girls, you may remember that I was measuring bigger than I should have been by just over 2 weeks and needed to have GTT. I was certain it would come back that I had it as I crave coke and sugar all the time! Having that on Monday, however I had another scan today and originally they thought the baby may not grow as much as he should due to blood pressure.
The good news is that he is the perfect size and has an estimated weight at the moment of 2lb 13oz (would explain bump feeling heavy lol) and they estimate the baby will weight between 8lb - 9lb which apparently I am told is a lovely healthy weight. Still going for GTT as have it booked in but consultant said he would be very surprised if it came back positive. Am so pleased as had visions of having a 13lb baby lol!

Hope you are all doing well

Tracey 28+3 x x x

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  • thats great news im glad it all went ok.
    emma 29+2xxxxxxxx
  • Awuh, glad all is well and you had some good news on that score!

  • Hi Tracey
    Little Angus was measuring at 2lbs 15oz when I was 28+4 so sounds very similar in weight and I too was told that's a 'normal' good weight for this stage. I asked my midwife this Wednesday about whether or not its true about babies tripling in size in the last 10-12 weeks and she said not really... as they go through a variety of different growth spurts between now and when they come out.
    My GTT was clear (5.4) and I too have been craving sugary things! Fingers crossed for yours!
    Midwife also measured me at 30weeks on Wednesday and I'm 30weeks today so she said that was very good. We were pleased as I was told that measuring me the 'normal' way with a tape measure wouldn't be effective for me and my pooh tummy!
    So all sounds good for you!!!
    Joo xxxxxxx
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