Bump question!

Ok i'm 17 weeks on Monday and was wondering about bumps! I was a late shower with son and everyone where i worked reminded me so but that was 5 years ago so can't remember when i started showing! This time my belly is wobbly still at the bottom lower abdomen but firm and round stomach down which looks strange like i've been cut in half! Is this normal and when will my lower abdomen toughen up to match rest of bump?



  • oh gosh, ya know what im 8 months preg now and so round i cant remember not being like this, just trying to think now, i got firm at the bottom first im sure i did. im sure its perfectly normal for you though, either that or maybe your just bloated? hehe
  • Defo not bloated as it permanantly like this and i remember being very round with son but not as high and can't remember if i went hard bottom first it was so long ago. I know everything ok as heartbeat was heard yesterday just wondering if maybe because i had a baby before that it might be growing into left over baby belly from last time. I'm just confused!


  • na it wont be that hunny, im on my 3rd baby!! maybe this baby has just latched on to a different part of your uterus or womb or whatever it is lol
  • Yeah maybe but still a lot of blubber there from last one as i had a c section and been pregnant twice since but lost both to mmc's so i went mad and lost two stone but that blubber will not budge at all i did pump it up dvd to tone up followed by tons of sit ups it just won't go. I'm sure it will harden up soon as midwife didn't seem to concerned i think it just me and my paranoia!
  • well you know i think maybe its not gone hard because its so loose to start with, whereas your tighter skin feels firmer, once your baby grows some more into your looser skin it will all firm up hun XX
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