ankle swelling?


im 32 weeks today and was wondering if anybody else is having ankle swelling.

Im on my feet for my job which is fine. Try and remember to elevate my feet when I get home and in bed. I am aware its a symptom of pregnancy....just wondering if anybody else gets it in one ankle more than the other. My right ankle tends to swells more than the other. If Im bored i make fingerprint patterns in the im just sad I know!

Is it a symptom of pre-eclampsia...what other symptoms should i be looking out for? xxx


  • hi hun,i've had swelling ankles just lately 2 n think its completely normal.Think the pre eclampsia symptoms r protein in your urine and high blood pressure,think u usually have swollen hands n face too but im sure it will tell u somewhere on this site xx
  • hi. the signs of pre eclampsia are high blood pressure, protein in wee, severe swelling - fingers, ankles ,feet, hands, face and any sudden swelling should have advice sorted about it. also frontal headaches are a sign, believe me i know as i have had it in 3 of my 5 pregnancies and been induced for it.
    try not to worry about your swelling as it could just be general pregnancy swelling, but if you are worried or get any other symptoms that i have mentioned then get advice asap. try to elevate your legs and feet above your heart as this helps drain fluids away.
    good luck. and take care.xxxx
  • hi, yes, I posted about this the other day on july forum - one of my ankles/foot swells more than the other and boots leaving indentations in them - they're soooo sore and itchy - someone suggested sleeping with them on a pillow and that seems to work - I was worried about pre-eclampsia too but m/w checked urine and blood pressure and all o.k. hope you get it all checked and are better soon.

    e.d.d. 4th july
  • Hiya
    My feet & ankles were quite swollen from about a week ago, so elevated them at nite on mw's suggestion and it has helped loads. I also tried to wear loose fitting shoes & no socks, so my feet didn't get too hot!
    If you are worried tho, mention it to your mw so she can check u over.
    Take care
    Sarah xx
  • Iv been in hospital today as i swelled up like a ballon consultant to me it is normal to have some swelling in pregnancy and your right side always swells more than you left there is a reason for this but my pregnat brain has forgot!!! lol She also said try to sleep on the left hand side as this encourages better blood flow on the right side causing the swelling to go down.
    Hope this helps hun

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