I had the consultant today and a growth scan which I wasn't expecting, they said the baby's tummy is measuring big (39wks) but Im not convinced it was measured properly. The rest of the baby is fine and measuring right for the dates. Ive also been told I am carrying too much fluid and there is a high chance I'll go into premature labour and if I do go into labour theres also a high chance that the umbilical cord could come down restricting the babys oxgyen. From now on I need weekly scans and to see the consultant every week, Im so scared!!

To top all this off I had to see the anethnatist as I take an adverse reaction to a lot of drugs and basically have been told they want me to go to a hospital an hour away but if I go into labour and need treatment in Elgin they will give me the drugs I take reactions too.

Thanks for listening to me I feel a lot better for getting it off my chest!

Amy 34+3 xxx


  • Hi Amy - It must be a scary time for you, I'm sure everything will be fine and the hospital know what they're doing and will do everything to make sure you and lo are safe and well.
    I'm keeping everything crossed for you lovely and sending a big hug.
    Keep us posted
  • Hi Amy,

    I hope you don't get to scared. I think the medics are often very to the point and clinical about stuff so it can sound a bit alarming. But they are clearly monitoring you very well to decrease the likelihood of you having problems.

    Are they thinking of getting you to Inverness then? I'm in Aberdeen so we're in the same neck of the woods! I had some problems early on and I found the medics were very direct which could be a bit alarming but when they told me something scary they would then say what they would do about it.

    Stay positive and keep us informed. I'll be thinking about you.

    Sonia x
  • Thanks for all your kind reply's I know worrying isn't going to help me but I really can't help it Im terrified xxx
  • aah amy thinking of you, keep us posted. hope little one is giving ulots of kick to reassure you.ifu not happy with their measurements tell them,they could be wrong.. xxx
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