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Hi Girlies

After abit of advice or thoughts from you all - just got back from my 39+2 week check up and as things are yet to get moving the midwife offered to do a sweep - wasn't expecting this so was abit unsure what to do - Midwife recommended I wait until after my due date which is Sunday as if it doesn't work it causes quite abit of discomfort and pain - she did say i could text her and she will pop to me Friday if i change my mind. Have any of you girlies had a sweep and what if so did it work?



  • hi there , well a sweep is better to have after your due date as its more likely to set things off , my midwife said 4 or more days after is better so i wont get one till im 40&4 but i think it depends where u live as to whether ure midwife offers them or not..........i had one 4 days after my dd with my son and i went into labour the next day xxxxxx
  • I personally havent had a sweep. This is my first baby.
    However i believe they are very effective in bring on labour.
    And also, what a lovely mw u have image x
  • I had a sweep at 39+4 (my midwife offered) which didn't hurt a bit - I would go so far as to say it wasn't even uncomfortable. My daughter arrived within 48 hours of having it done.

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  • Thank you girlies think i will text my midwife this morning and ask her to pop in on Friday - how exciting - things crossed it gets things moving xxx
  • hi there i had one when i went overdue with my oldest dd and i dnt think it hurt at all either and i had her 48 hrs later xxx
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